About CLIME and why is it not called CTIME?

Source: http://clime.org
Blog: http://www.clime.org

CLIME is the Council for Technology in Math Education which is an affiliate group of NCTM and has been since 1988. Its mission is to support the effective use of technology in the teaching of mathematics.

CLIME's Story (1986-present): link

CLIME Constitution & Steering Committee: link

CLIME Goals:
  • encourage and lobby NCTM to keep technology on their “front burner” in mathematics education.
  • participate in special event sessions and make presentations at NCTM's annual meetings on technology & math related themes.
  • support a technology-focus website (http://clime.org) for the sessions at annual NCTM conferences.
  • blog about new perspectives of technology in math education
  • make CLIME a learning, social hub for discussing modern math technology issues.
  • encourage MTBoS folks to participate in MTBoS activities. For example support new members of MTBoS by guiding their participation.
  • is not CTIME because we started out in 1987 as the Council for LOGO in Mathematics Education and our founding and affiliation with NCTM (in 1988) was inspired by the work of Seymour Papert whose ideas continue to resonate for so many of us. As a result, we keep the original acronym as an acknowledgement of his guiding spirit.
For more on Papert see Gary Stager's web pages: